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“Let’s Rock” is The Black Keys’ ninth studio album. Released on the 28th of June 2019, it comes after a five year hiatus where both members recovered from touring extensively (they both described themselves as suffring from “touring PTSD), started families and collaborated with scores of other artists. Auerbach even started his own record label, Easy Eye Sound, under which “Let’s Rock” is released. The Album is available, You can download album now.

Tracks List:

1 Shine A Little Light 
2 Eagle Birds 
3 Lo/Hi 
4 Walk Across The Water 
5 Tell Me Lies 
6 Every Little Thing 
7 Get Yourself Together 
8 Sit Around And Miss You 
9 Go 
10 Breaking Down 
11 Under The Gun 
12 Fire Walk With Me 

“Let’s Rock” is the first album produced entirely by the band themselves since they started working with Danger Mouse) on their fifth studio album Attack & Release.

The inspiration for the album title originated from a Tennessee newspaper article the band encountered during the album recording sessions about the state’s first electric-chair execution in 11 years. The article stated that before execution, when the convicted murderer Edmund Zagorski was asked if he had any last words, to which he replied, “Let’s Rock.” The article also inspired the album cover, an image of an electric chair.

As usual, Auerbach and Carney wrote all the songs on the album in the studio from scratch, with nothing written beforehand. According to Carney, the pair picked things back up quickly in the studio despite their five year hiatus:

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