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Murs split with Strange Music, Inc. earlier this year after fulfilling his contractual obligations and has already embarked on a new journey. On Wednesday (May 29), the Living Legend announced a joint project with prolific producer 9th Wonder titled The Iliad Is Dead and The Odyssey Is Over. You can download the album now.

Tracks List:

1 The Hulk 
2 Cancun ’08 (Ft. Pookie Blow & $ilkMoney) 
3 My Hero (Ft. Heather Victoria) 
4 Ga$ Station Gucci Belt 
5 Unicorn Glitter 
6 High Noon (Ft. Rapsody & Reuben Vincent) 
7 Night Shift 
8 Give Me a Reason
9 Super Cojo Bros. (Ft. GQ) 
10 Fuck Them 
11 Tony Robbins Pocketbook
12 Sin 

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